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BMWCurrent part number11002218258Rmfd short engine N55B30A-
Current part number11112161561Rmfd short engine N55B30A-
Current part number11127624429Rmfd short engine N55B30A-
Current part number11127570292Rmfd short engine N55B30A-
Current part number11217580483Rmfd short engine N55B30A-
Current part number11247624615Rmfd short engine N55B30A-
Current part number11258619196Rmfd short engine N55B30A-
Newer part number11212163665Rmfd short engine N55B30A2016-08-12
Newer part number11257624409Rmfd short engine N55B30A2015-02-04
Newer part number11257645958Rmfd short engine N55B30A2013-09-03
Newer part number11257584125Rmfd short engine N55B30A2011-08-05
Newer part number11247586492Rmfd short engine N55B30A2010-12-06
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